Roofing Services

Texas Built Roofing of Waco, Texas

We specialize in both residential and commercial roofing in the Waco and surrounding Central Texas areas…both steep sloping and low sloping roofs. We can assist you with all new roof construction and repairs. Contact Us for your FREE estimate today!

Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Installation of the best composition materials for all gable roofs.  We apply step by step implementation by including the correct installation of starter course, nail patterns, stair-step patterns, valleys, air vents, plumbing stacks and ridge.

Wood Shingle Roofing

Installation of shingles and shakes.  We are knowledgeable in Taper-splits, Hand-splits, and Re-sawn shakes.

Metal Roofing Systems

Installation of Standing-Seam Panel Roofs with both aluminum and galvanized steel.  We can assist you with implementation of Permaseam, Instaloc, Snap-lock, Curved Panels, and Retro-fitting.

Slate and Tile Roofing

Installation of Slate, Fiber-cement, clay barrel, and concrete tile.

Built-Up Roofing Systems

Installation of roofs consisting of multiple piles of roof felt’s laminated together with bitumen.  Built-up roof material can consist of bitumen-saturated felt, coated felt, polyster felt, or other fabrics.  A surfacing is generally applied and can be asphalt, aggregate (gravel or slag), emulsion or a granule-surfaced cap sheet.  We have years of experience with both Kettle or Torch applications.

Single Ply Roofing

Installation of TPO, EPDM, and other single ply systems.

Roof Repairs

We can assist you with tracing roof leaks, making temporary repairs, and making permanent repairs.  We also repair flashing, fascia, and eaves damage.

Infared Thermal Roof Mapping

With the use of infrared equipment we can detect possible causes of moisture.  We offer in-house services as well as contract with other companies that can provide aerial infrared mapping.

Green Roofing

Installation of roofing systems using the best products on the market that provide the most energy efficient roofs to our customers.

Roof Restoration

With the use on an Elastomeric Roofing Membrane, which is a water-based, spray-applied liquid, which cures to form a seamless 100% acrylic elastomeric membrane, we can seal to protect and waterproof metal, wood, copper, PVC, transite and concrete roof substrates for many years.

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